Who I am

I'm Rev. Janet Grace.

My knowledge and God-given gifts are many. I use them to make a positive difference for those seeking just that. Here they are in alphabetical order:

* Artist (acrylic, oil, charcol, pen, woodburning, clay, etc.)

* Author - Books; Poetry

* Business, Career, Personal, Spiritual Counsel

* Certified Angel Specialist;

* Certified Law of Attraction Counselor* awaiting wall plaque~

* Certified in Tarot Knowledge and Interpretation

* Clairaliant (intuitive sense of smell)

* Clairaudient (intuitive sense of hearing)

* Claircognizant; (intuitive sense of knowing)

* Clairgustant; (Intuitive sense of taste)

* Clairsentient (Gaining knowledge through sensations or feeling)

* Clairvoiant (Intuitive sight)

* Composer-Musical Works

* Creator: "Your Dream Starts Here" Healing and Motivational Seminar

* First Degree High Priestess Wiccan Tradition.

* Inventor

* Multi-Instrumentalist (Piano; guitar; bass; percussion everything; forever learning trumpet)

* Ordained Minister - (performing and presiding over all sacraments; baptism; baby blessing/naming; hand-fasting; wedding; eulogy; Pagan & Wiccan rituals; house blessings and spiritual cleansing.)

* Minister Presiding over Sunday Service

* Psychometry

* Reiki Master

* Teacher/Coach: (Music - Piano; Drums; Guitar; Vocal; Tarot; Angelology; Law of Attraction; Creating Miracles)

I use the gifts that The Universe (Source; God; Buddha; All Knowing, All Goodness) have blessed me with, along with all I chose to learn and cultivate to assist and empower those interested in being so. In other words, I multiplied my talents realizing that they were given so that I may serve in more than one capacity. It gives me great joy to be of service however I can with grace and in perfect ways.

And If ...

If I can assist in any way to make someone else's life as easy breezy and filled with as many miracles as I have lived, thus far, it would be my pleasure.

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