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My Angel From The Sky and State of Grace

The name "My Angel From The Sky" was the name of a song I wrote and dedicated to my daughter in 1982.

A few years later, she asked where she came from, as toddlers do. I told her she was my angel from the sky who came to watch over the world. She went through a phase where she'd ask at least twenty times a day just to hear the answer.  No surprise she grew to become a super hero in the legal field.

"My Angel From The Sky" was legally registered as a DBA in Suffolk County, N.Y. in 2008; however, it's been used as my company's trademark name for over 35 years; registered, trademarked, copyrighted in 1982 with all rights reserved since then.

The facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/myangelfromthesky was created in 2009.

"State of Grace", was the name of my band and one of my albums. From 1984 until 1996, all originals: jazzy, bluesy, latin, rock.

When completed, you'll be able to hear, download, and purchase original music using the following links:



Work in Progress. Your Patience is Appreciated.

Inside The Mind Of Me

Inside The Mind Of Me is the name of my first musical album copyrighted (copywritten?) in 1979.  I had a ton of music to copyright and learned if I did so as one complete work (album), I could get them all protected for the price of one song. Goodbye "Poor Man's Copyright".  Hello, Library of Congress.

http://www.janetgrace.com will bring you to the site where you can purchase, download and read my musings, theories, hypothesis', and e-books. 

Your Dreams Begin Here

I have spent a lot of time with Archangels Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Anael since 2007.  By 'a lot of time' I mean: full-on and straight up meditation, communication, and excitation. 

Being clairaudient means you hear what others normally don't. Being gifted as such this time around -- yes, I hear those who have crossed over as well as music which has yet to be written and most importantly (to me, anyway) I hear guidance through that which I recognise as "God's" angels.  

During a time when I was on (what I call) 'high alert', listening 24/7, I was sent access to information which I developed into a series of courses I named: "Drive Your Dreams To Reality" after an original musical composition of the same name.

"Your Dreams Begin HereTM" is a six-week intensive seminar which has you stop the wheel you're currently on, allowing you the opportunity to examine your life authentically.

 In this course, you work with the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit in conjunction with the Archangels: Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and your own Holy Spirit (Higher Voice) to shake out that which doesn't work and instill what does. 

You learn to quiet your busy mind and listen for Higher guidance.

At the end of six weeks, participants who have completed the course and have truly done the enclosed lessons, experience living miracles they never expected to receive. 

There are testimonials, which I'll be adding on this page. 

At this time, you can access quite a few on my facebook page: https://facebook.com/myangelfromthesky

The course has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese and thanks to Google's translate tool, you can read and apply it in any language.

Click here to purchase the course:



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